Adopt a Precinct in Addison Township

Addison Township needs your help!

Many precincts in Addison Township do not have a democratic precinct committeeperson and need to be adopted.

ATDO is putting together opportunities for you to come and personalize pre-printed Get Out the Vote letters and stuff/stamp envelopes to send to democrats in these PC-less precincts.

We would also be grateful for donations of 1st class stamps and regular white business size envelopes.

Dates and details are forthcoming, but since early voting started Feb 8th, we need to get on it. ATDO will try to hold these gatherings on different nights of the week, with a potential for a daytime opportunity and one on the weekend.

Please reply ASAP to with what you are willing and able to do toward this effort – write, donate or even host! (provide dates/times please)

Driving Democrats to the polls for the primary sends a message to republicans that we are united and organized, so we’ll be duplicating these efforts for the general election as well.

Many thanks for any help you can provide,

The ATDO Precincts Committee

(Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash)