The Billionaires Backing Trump Have Selective Memory: Robert Burgess at

In his June 10, 2024 column, Bloomberg Opinion Executive Editor, Robert Burgess, analyses how, in the billionaire class’s selectively forgetting Trump’s overall negative impact on the country, their “real goal . . . is to extend the former president’s handouts to the wealthy and water down regulation.”

“The thing is, the wealthy and Big Business got what they wanted from Trump: lower taxes and less red tape that came after an executive order that required two regulations be cut for every new one added. It’s not evident that the economy benefited or that financial markets rewarded the Trump administration for these policies. If billionaires backing Trump want lower taxes for themselves and their businesses, they should just say that and make the case for why that would benefit America rather than relying on “alternative facts” about the economy that are easily disproved.”

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