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ATDOs Officers and Board Members

Sarah Quinn

Sarah Quinn – Chairperson

“I joined ATDO in 2016 and have been a lifelong Democrat. Like many others, I wanted to get more involved in local political efforts after the 2016 Presidential Election. I have been working on many ATDO efforts ever since. I am Global Vice President of Sales of AI/Digital Services and live in Addison with my better half, Charlie. When I’m not busy with work or ATDO, you can find me playing with my 2-year-old granddaughter Lucy.” (Term expires in 2023 date TBD)


Sally Enright-Finizio – First Vice Chairperson

“My family and I have been residents of Addison for 27 years.  I have always been passionate about volunteering.  After my recent retirement, I felt I had more time and energy to focus on society’s real problems.  A lifelong Democrat, I was invited by another PC to join ATDO and get involved.  There is great energy in the DuPage Democrats and ATDO.  There are experienced leaders I hope to learn from.  My goal is to help expand the message that Democrats care about people’s lives and we have a strong desire to improve the welfare of others. I am excited to be a part of ATDO, to be working with a great group of PCs and other volunteers. We have an excellent slate of candidates that we can be proud of.  Onward to the next election!” (Term expires in 2023 date TBD)

kathy willis

Kathy Willis – Second Vice Chairperson

“To me, all politics starts locally.  That means we need to start with our neighbors when we want to make things happen.  I started my political career on the Addison District 4 School Board where I served for 10 years. Then I was lucky to be able to serve in the state legislator for 10 years and was proud of the things accomplished in both roles. Now it is time for me to get back to my roots and show our local friends and neighbors the great things we can do by working together to elect democrats up and down the ballot. We need to get folks to realize how important those positions on the library boards, park boards and school boards are not only to have good democracy in place but to also get a pipeline in place for larger positions—township boards, county boards, and state positions.  That is why I am involved.” (Term expires in 2023 date TBD)

Jo Ann Pelikan

Jo Ann Pelikan – Secretary

“I moved to Bensenville in 1989 after marrying my husband, John. In 2013, we became active in our community due to the increasing noise from O’Hare Airport. In 2015, I became aware of our local Democratic organization in Addison township, and John and I started attending meetings held at the Addison Public Library. I became progressively more involved — volunteering, walking precincts, making calls, and assisting with other duties — was appointed to be the precinct captain for my precinct, and eventually elected as a PC. In May of 2019, I became the secretary for the current Executive Board. I am also on ATDO’s Audit Committee.”   (Term expires in 2023 Date TBD)


Lynn Curiale – Treasurer



Mike Johnson – Delegate


pappas head shot for atdo

Diane Pappas – Delegate

“I’ve been a resident of Itasca since 1997, serving for 5 years as President of the Friends of Itasca Community Library and working with ICARE, a grassroots effort to oppose the expansion of Irving Park Road through our downtown. I became involved with ATDO in 2017 and was elected PC in the Spring of 2018. Since then, I’ve been passionate about encouraging residents of Addison Township and DuPage County to vote and increase their civic involvement through communications with elected officials.  

In the Fall of 2018, I ran for and was elected State Representative for IL House District 45. In the Spring of 2022, I was appointed to serve as Senator for IL Senate District 23. I proudly stand for the Democratic values of social, environmental, and fiscal justice and responsibility, and am honored to represent the Addison Township Democrats as a delegate to the Democratic Party of Dupage County Executive Committee.” (Term expires in 2023 Date TB


mike curio

Mike Curiale – Alternate Delegate


Linda Oberg

Linda Oberg – Alternate Delegate

“I have lived in Itasca my entire life. Our roots in Addison Township are deep as my mother still lives in the same house after 82 years. I retired from education in 2019.  I have been active with the ATDO since 2016, and have been an elected PC since 2017.  I hope that we can all come together to help save our environment, protect the rights of others and maintain our democracy.” (Term expires in 2023 Date TBD)