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Become An Election Judge

“Election Judges are the backbone of the electoral process. They are responsible for the administration of election procedures in the polling place on election day in accordance with the law.” — DuPage County Election Judges Flyer

Included among an Election Judge’s duties are:

  • Setting up polling locations the night before Election Day
  • Maintaining security of all election materials
  • Opening and closing the polls on time
  • Ensuring voters receive the correct ballot
  • Ensuring all votes are cast in secret

See the following links or more information on this critical role in safeguarding our democracy at the polls.

If you are interested in becoming an Election Judge in Addison Township, complete the Election Judge Application for DuPage County

What does an Election Worker do?

Election Workers assist the Election Division in carrying out various necessary functions required for conducting an Election in DuPage County.

These functions include:

  • Check-In Clerk: On Election Night, the Check-In Clerk receives from the Election Judges all required election supplies being returned as designated by the DuPage County Election Division.
  • Field Representatives: On Election Day, these trained personnel serve as a link between the Election Division and the Election Judges by visiting assigned Polling Places and lending support.
  • Production Laborer: Prior to Election Day, these folks prepare the material and supplies required for Election Judges to perform their duties.
  • Student Workers: After the polls close on Election Night, Student Workers assist Election Judges who are returning election supplies to the Receiving Center.

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