Welcome to AddisonDemocrats.com

Happy New Year, Addison Township, and welcome to the new and improved Addison Township Democrats Organization (ATDO) website!

We are thrilled with the site’s makeover and look forward to building a useful community resource for all things Democratic in Addison Township, DuPage County, and beyond!

Like the rest of the world, ATDO had to adapt in countless ways to the reality of an ongoing global pandemic. And since democracy is, first and foremost, a local endeavor based on community, the most difficult aspect of the lockdowns has been not being able to to connect with people in-person — neighborhood canvassing, at candidate events, or out and about talking to people about their thoughts regarding Addison Township.

Because we weren’t able to spread the word via face-to-face contact with Addison Township constituents, we immediately started adding 2020 election news to the ATDO website so that it could be a voter resource. This heavy reliance on the website revealed background issues with site design, its underlying infrastructure, and complications with information management that would need to be rectified.

I’m happy to say that this new, scalable, and more functional site is the result of ATDO’s investment in our growth as an organization committed to improving the governing bodies, communities, and lives of everyone residing and working in Addison Township. Special thanks goes to the members of our Website Committee and especially to Mike Rende at SiteByMike.com for his outstanding work brining the ATDO site up to current standards.

On behalf of your elected Addison Township Democratic Organization Officers and our Executive Board, our deepest thanks for your interest in and support of American Democracy and democratic initiatives in Addison Township. Let’s make the ‘Blue Wave’ rise higher than ever before.

Wishing you and your family the very best in 2022!


Sarah Quinn
ATDO Chair

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash