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Addison Shriners Parade on August 28th

Join ATDO in celebrating our DuPage Democratic Candidates by marching with us in the Addison Shriners Parade on Sunday, 8/28/2022, starting at Addison Trails High School/Army Trail Road to Kennedy Way

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August 18th Dems Activities in DuPage County

This Thursday in DuPage County is full of fun events and fund raisers. Check out the list below then visit the ATDO Calendar page for a look at what else is coming your way this month.

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2022 Annual Township Meeting

Every year, on the second Tuesday of April, all Illinois townships conduct an Annual Township Meeting. All electors (i.e., registered voters) in the township are encouraged to attend this meeting to have a direct voice in electing a moderator and determine how Addison Township operates.

Diane Pappas of Itasca, IL is sworn in as interim State Senator

Diane Pappas Sworn in as Senator for DuPage 23rd District

A special session was held last night in the offices of the DuPage Democrat Organization to swear in Diane Pappas as Senator for the Illinois 23rd Legislative District. Pappas replaces Tom Cullerton who resigned his seat on February 23rd of this year. Senator Pappas will sit for the remainder of the term. Pappas was selected …

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Tickets Still Available — Art Remus Memorial Breakfast

The Addison Township Democratic Organization’s Annual Legislative Breakfast is still GO! for Saturday, February 26th from 8:30-11am. It’s not too early to help build the the local war chest to support the the June Primaries and November General Elections! Although we had a fantastic outcome in the 2020 Elections all the way from voting in …

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atdo legislative breakfast 02 26 22 website

2022 Art Remus Memorial Breakfast

 In the 1990s, Art Remus began 20 year run as Chair of the Addison Township Democratic Organization (ATDO).  Many members of ATDO and other DuPage townships fondly remember Art as one who kept the organization going year after year when the county was still red.  One of the key ways he did that was by …

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2020 Labor Day Drive By Parade

2020 Labor Day Drive By Parade

ATDO held a drive by parade for Labor Day including Tim Hickey, Mike Johnson, Jim Caffrey, Linda Oberg, Diane Kalousek, and Sarah Quinn.