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Parade Walkers

Justice Linda Davenport asks YOU to walk for her — and democracy! — in any or all of these upcoming showcases of personal and civic pride. Dates and starter details below.

Uncle Sam says We Need You

Help Us Save Democracy — Volunteer

Now, more than ever, our country needs everyone who believes in Democracy. To learn more or to volunteer, visit our Get Involved page or drop us a line at and we’ll find a spot for you!

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Volunteers Needed for 2024 DNC in Chicago

Before we know it, the 2024 Democratic National Convention will be here in Chicago from August 19th – 22nd — and your help is needed! Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form and lend a hand in making history!

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ATDO’s Primary 2024 Candidates Page

In case you missed it, we have our Primary 20204 page up showcasing info on Democratic candidates who you’ll be voting for on March 19th. Check out the candidate photos, short biographies, and links to their various websites and social media accounts so you can better learn who they are and what they stand for.

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Women For Addison Event — 03/02/2024

In honor of Women’s History Month — and the women running for local office — we invite you on Saturday, March 2nd to take action for the Women For Addison!


Adopt a Precinct in Addison Township

Many precincts in Addison Township that do not have a democratic precinct committeeperson and need to be adopted.

ATDO is putting together opportunities for you to come and personalize pre-printed Get Out the Vote letters and stuff/stamp envelopes to send to democrats in these PC-less precincts.