Chair Chat: It’s Petition Signing Season!

It’s time for all Democrats in Addison Township to help with making sure all candidates as well as all Precinct Committeepeople (PCs) to get their required signatures in order to run for office!

Number of Signatures Required for PCs?
While current PCs and anyone else interested in getting on the June 28th Democratic Primary Election Ballot are required to get at least seven (7) signatures from Democrats within your ASSIGNED PRECINCT. If you are interested in learning about becoming a PC, please contact me at or Jo Ann Pelikan at!

Though PCs are obligated to get seven (7) signatures, it is recommended to get at least 12 . . . just to be on the safe side.

Download and Complete the Packet
We are here to help you obtain signatures as well as learn the duties of being a PC. Click here for the complete packet needed to run for your Precinct PC.

Signatures for Candidates?
Signatures for In addition, for Addison Township to have 69 candidates on the ballot for each of the 69 Precincts, ALL candidates are required to get many more signatures for their respective positions that they are running for, so it is our job to also assist them in getting more than the required amount of signatures. 

Petition Drives
Many local and county-wide Petition Drives will make it easier for us to sign as many candidate petitions as possible.

Petitions must be delivered to the DuPage County Elections Office in early March, so over these next four weeks, be sure to keep checking the Addison Township website for Petition Drive updates.

One great Petition Drive will take place at our own Addison Township Legislative Breakfast which is being held Saturday, 2/26, at The Empress Banquet Hall, 200 E. Lake Street, Addison from 8:30-11am.

We will have all Candidate Petitions available to sign for all attendees, so we’re hoping to see you there!

Tickets are $60 each, which goes to aid the Addison Township Democratic Organization’s efforts to get all Democrats elected. And don’t forget the full breakfast buffet being served while you enjoy Guest Speaker, Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs!

Remember — you can run for PC in your own Precinct where you live, and you can become an appointed PC for Precincts where we don’t have an active ATDO Member Volunteer. ATDO needs help at all levels ALL YEAR LONG, so contact us here to learn more!

You CAN make a difference!

Democratically Yours,

Sarah Quinn
Addison Township Democratic Organization