In-Person Meetings Resume for ATDO

The time has come. The Addison Township Democratic Organization’s monthly meetings resume tonight at at the Addison Public Library. The gavel falls at 7:00 PM Central Time in the library’s largest meeting room, which sits to the immediate right as attendees enter the front door.

Per Sarah Quinn, ATDO Chairperson, “Although most thought the 2020 Election was the most significant ever, we are now fighting for our democracy and our country, for every candidate at every level, from local to national

“We have a lot to do between now and November, so please mark your calendars to save every 4th Monday of the month and join us for up-to-date information, collateral, and activity as we—once again—embark on ‘the General Election of our Lifetime.'”

“One topic of great importance tonight will be precinct coverage and Precinct Captaincy. ATDO has 54% of the Addison Township precincts covered—the best numbers in DuPage County—but that still means many precincts need coverage ASAP.

“For those not currently an appointed PC or running to be an elected PC, please consider adopting one of our orphan precincts to secure maximum coverage ahead of the Primary and General Elections.

“We look forward to seeing familiar faces—and plenty of new ones.”