ATDO September Monthly Meeting recap-

This month’s meeting was held at Aurelio’s Pizza in Addison, pizza and soft drinks were provided by ATDO and the meeting turned out to be both informative and fun. Several candidates came to speak about their campaigns and their previous accomplishments.

Sonni Choi Williams spent some time talking about the four-woman running for the Judge positions and what we have at stake if Illinois judges continue to be “white male dominant” it is important to have judges who look like us – representing all genders and races. Judges are found at the end of the ballot, often people fail to vote down the ballot – please be sure to vote the whole ballot. Sonni is running for 3rd district appellate court, Mary K O’Brien is running for Illinois Supreme Court District 3, and Jill Otte is running for District 18 Circuit Court, (Mia McPherson was just appointed to the District 18 Circuit Court because her opponent dropped from the race). Their slogan is “4 women, 4 justice, 4 All.”

Jean Kaczmarek talked with us about the new voting machines which are considered the “new standard” for machines. They have paper ballots, which can be hand-counted if there are any questions about voter integrity. These new machines make it possible for voters to vote outside their precinct (within DuPage county) should they not be able to reach their own polling location. Vote by mail is available to anyone who sends in the application (or applies via the website). While other states are making it harder to vote – DuPage is making it simple. Jean is running for re-election for DuPage County Clerk.

Don Potoczny is running for DuPage County Treasurer. Don spoke about the checks and balances missing in our current Treasurers office. Don plans to bring along the new software, that was purchased but never fully utilized by the current Treasurer’s office. He spoke of his military background and the ways it has prepared him for this position. Don came across with sincerity and a strong sense of integrity, something that is so important in these current times.

Deb Conroy spoke about her strong commitment to Democratic values. Deb is running for DuPage County Board Chair. She introduced a candidate that will be running for the school board in Addison and another who will be running for the College of DuPage school board in the spring. Deb talked about how frightening it is that radical right-wing people are running for school board positions and that they could heavily impact what we can and cannot teach our children.

Jennifer Ladisch-Douglas has practice law for over 20 years. She spoke about her own personal experience with type 1 diabetes and being a cancer survivor. Affordable health care is near and dear to her. She has been volunteering time to help draft legislation and advocate for affordable medications. Her motto is that with her years of legal experience she knows how to “Litigate, Negotiate & Legislate.” Jennifer is running for State Rep District 45.

Lauren “Laurie” Nowak spoke about her campaign and how hard they have been working to get the word out since she entered the race late, and is up against a candidate with massive funding. She was featured in a progressive radio interview; you can hear her interview by going to “Joan Esposito Live Local And Progressive 09.22.22.” Laurie is running for State Senate District 24.

Michael Childress spoke about his campaign for County Board District 1. He talked about how much he enjoys meeting people in the streets and the key to getting his name and literature into the hands of voters. Mike told us that the League of Women Voters held a candidate forum for all candidates in DuPage county to give their “2-minute” platform. He was shocked that only 1 republican candidate showed up. If you have never heard Micheal speak you are truly missing out, he has a way of motivating a room with his positive attitude!

Attending an ATDO meeting is a great way to meet candidates up close and have the opportunity to ask direct questions. Please attend our next meeting on October 24th, at 7:00 pm at Aurelio’s Pizza in Addison.