Politico Names DuPage County as One of the Top 20 Counties That Will Decide the Midterms

The voters of DuPage County have an opportunity to help save democracy in the United States, and determine the control of Congress. Your vote as a democrat could have huge implications as we are the second largest county in Illinois and one that could easily swing this November. Please check out this analysis by Politico.

Jean Kaczmarek followed through with her campaign promise and led the charge to get new voting machines with paper ballots for all of DuPage county. We can vote by mail, vote early, and vote in person at ANY polling place in DuPage county. It is so easy that there is no excuse for not voting in this election.

Our slate of Democratic candidates all the way down the ballot are ethnically diverse and are qualified, honest, hard-working, and prepared to fight for our democracy. They are passionate about saving women’s reproductive rights, supporting our LGBTQ communities, and keeping our communities safe and spending in check. They are on the correct side of every issue! Please make sure you vote all the way down the Ballot. DuPage county will be a deciding county in this election cycle.