A New Addison Township Mental Health Board Has Been Established

As a newly sworn-in Trustee Jo Ann Pelikan shares information on the Addison Township Mental Health Board.

“This is Jo Ann Pelikan here and I want to let everyone know that I made it! I am now sworn in as the brand new trustee for the Addison Township Mental Health Board. After working last year to get this issue on the ballot and then it passed, I was asked to consider joining the board. I considered this for a bit and decided to go for it. With recommendations from Michael “Pops” Murray, and my resume I was accepted.

Mental Health is something that I am passionate about. The Addison Township Mental Health Board will be addressing the care and access to care for people experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as developmental disabilities, and problems with alcoholism and/or substance abuse. I have worked in health care since I was in high school in various capacities. I am now a retired nurse and have personally experienced the impact that mental health issues have on a human being. It really cannot be separated out, it is a part of our being. I have also experienced the trauma, damage, and heartache resulting from these issues. I personally feel that if you think this does not affect you, your family, and/or friends; then you are not paying attention. In my group of friends & family, I have experienced each of these problems, and know that they demand professional attention to obtain optimal outcomes. I hope to help us all move forward in a positive direction and provide services to those in need.”

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Jo Ann is the third person from the right in the brown shirt and glasses.