Team ATDO Takes Gold at Church Street Brewing Trivia Night

On Monday, February 2nd, ATDO hosted a “Back the Business” event in conjunction with the Church Street Brewing Company‘s Trivia Contest, and joined the fun.

Calling the team “Itasca Blues”, ATDO was represented by Eileen Censotti, Barbara Lonergan, Robert Lyons, Paula Masilotti, Diane Pappas, and Jo Ann Pelikan.

Combining their various areas of expertise and educated guesses, the ATDO team answered more of the weird and wide-ranging questions to come out on top by night’s end.

Along with camaraderie and the thrill of victory, the ATDO crew also enjoyed Church Street’s outstanding beer and excellent food.

The evening was a great example of what ATDO’s “Back the Business” program is all about — giving back to friendly, local businesses; and gathering with like-minded people to enjoying ourselves. In addition, ATDO brought home $50 for the organization to fund future “Back the Business” events.

Church Street Brewing Company’s beers can be found wherever fine beverages are sold, at their main brewery, and at the BarleyHaus taproom.

Enjoy yourself a pint and tell ’em ATDO sent you!