DuPage County 2022 General Election Ballot Cheat Sheet

Special thanks to 18-year-old Grace Weber of Itasca for putting together this concise and indispensable guide Addison Township voters!

This is Grace’s first general election, so she decided to compile material from a variety of sources to learn what each candidate stands for. The result is an easy-to-read table suitable for printing and taking with you to the polls.

Here is a little bit about Grace in her own words:

Hi! I’m Grace Weber, the creator of this cheat sheet which aims to help you be more informed about who you’ll vote for in 2022.

I’ve put *** to indicate for whom I’m casting my ballot.

Within the two party system, I am a Democrat. While I believe the two-party system more often divides rather than unite us, it’s more important to use my vote to promote the party that better aligns with my ideals than reject the entire process.

I am a progressive, left-leaning liberal who is pro-choice, pro-environment, feminist, pro-science, anti-gun, pro-equality and diversity, pro-lgbtqia+ rights, etc.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have! My instagram is @gracemweber. If you feel more comfortable reaching me through email, contact me at gracemweber@gmail.com.

Your vote counts!






Tammy Duckworth***

-Iraq War Veteran

- working to end veteran homelessness

-Supports working families


Kathy Salvi


-increase energy production

-limited government

-secure the border


Bill Redpath 

-Economically conservative

-socially liberal

-reduced government spending

-lower taxes

Governor & Lieutenant Governor

JB Pritzker &
Juliana Stratton***


-raise minimum wage

- justice and equality


Darren Bailey &
Stephanie Trussell

-lower taxes



- tax relief 

-pro gun


Scott Schulter &
John Phillips:

-pro gun

- wants to fix IL’s pension system

-eliminate waste from state budget

-reform occupational licensing

Attorney General

Kwame Raoul***

-advocates for reproductive rights

- equal rights

- anti-gun violence

-protect voting rights

- stands with workers

Thomas G. DeVore
-anti sex education
-anti-mask/ vax

Daniel K. Robin:
-right of individual 
-universal ballot access
-anti war on drugs
-advocates for parents making decisions about education
-pro im-migration
-No victim no crime 

Secretary of State

Alexi Giannoulias***

-protect voting rights

Fighting climate change

-Create Jobs

-Safely Invest Taxpayer Dollars

-Improve the Financial Futures of All Illinoisans

Dan Brady
-increase organ donation
-services for older adults
- no license for gun ownership
- prioritizing local library development
-better drivers education

Jon Stewart:
-Improve customer experience at dmv
-Could not find further information on candidate (no official website)


Susana A. Mendoza ***
-cutting the state’s backlog of unpaid bills
- ensuring government transparency
-prioritizes payments to social service providers
-protecting the rights of Illinois workers

Shannon L. Teresi
-end the madigan machine’s personal piggy bank
-restore financial transparency and accountability
-protect taxpayer dollars

Deidre McCloskey
- classical liberal
- stances not officially stated (no official candidate website)


Micheal W. Frerich***

-encouraging savings plans for college and trade school

-increasing financial education among all ages

-removing barriers to a secure retirement

-reuniting Illinois residents with their unclaimed property. 

Tom Demmer
- reform
-fiscal responsibility
-apart of the Knights of Columbus

Preston Nelson
-solar energy consultant
-both dems and reps are causing financial disaster
- diversify our assets by investing in silver and storing oats

Representative in Congress 8th Congressional District

Raja Krishnamoorthi***
-growing out economy and creating jobs
-protecting our environment and growing the green economy
-standing up for working families
-strengthening education at every level
-supporting women
-honoring our commitment to our veterans

Chris Dargis
-Stop Inflation
-Reduce Crime
-Create Good Jobs
-Cut Taxes
-Protect Our Borders
-Lower Gas Prices

No Candidate

State Senate or 24th Legislative Distric

Lauren “Laurie” Nowak***
-alleviate pressure on the middle class, working families and fixed-income seniors
-Promoting Green Jobs
- Addressing Cost of Living and Housing Concerns
-Amplifying Women's Voices and Codifying Women's Choice

Seth Lewis
- pro-growth economic agenda
-ethics reform -financial responsibility
- balanced budgets
-government transparency

No Candidate

Representative in the General Assembly, 48th Representative District 

Azam Nizamuddin***
-advocates for education
-increasing housing construction and development
-healthcare for all
-workers rights

Jennifer Sanalitro
-opposes increased taxes
-supports law enforcement

No Candidate

Chairman of the County Board

Deb Conroy***
-pro-organ donation
-strong education
-government consolidation

Greg Hart
-maintaining a destination economy
-keeping taxes and spending in check
-world-class schools
-supports police
-prioritize ethics

No Candidate


No Candidate

James Mendrick
-helping inmates fight opioid addiction
-promoted the use of the Deterra drug deactivation pouch system to keep dangerous medication out of our medicine cabinets and waterways
-inmate job training

No Candidate

County Clerk

Jean Kaczmarek***
-voting anywhere
-faster voting process
-protecting the right to vote
-Defending democracy

Evelyn Sanguinetti
-ethics top priority
-increasing transparency
-keeping office budget in check
-improving efficiency

No Candidate

County Treasurer

Don Potoczny***
-protecting families
-promote small business
-educated consumer

Gwen Henry
-protecting seniors
-safeguarding tax dollars
-fund police departments

No Candidate

Member of the County Board, District 1

Michael L. Childress***
-president of DuPage NAACP
- increasing voter’s role through education
-diverse membership base
-encouraging businesses

Sam Tornatore
-no stances stated
-Active in community

Cindy Cronin Cahill:
-keeping our families and neighborhoods safe
-fiscal responsibility
-economic development and job growth
-protecting the environment
-caring for the most vulnerable

Donald E. Puchalski
-prioritizing public safety funding
-supporter of victim rights
-cut wasteful spending

No Candidate

President of the Forest Preserve

Daniel Hebreard***
-saving the taxpayer money
-managing our natural resources
-ensuring safety
-prioritize solar energy
-safe forest preserves

Robert J. Schillerstrom
-plant more trees
-more open space
-renewable energy

No Candidate

Commissioner of the Forest Preserve, District 1

Michael L. Murray***
-prioritizing mental health
-could not find further information

Marsha Murphy
-prioritizing natural areas
-5 year fiscal plan
-flood control management
-new trails

No Candidate

Regional Superintendent of Schools DuPage County

No Candidate

Amber M. Quirk

No Candidate

Judge of the Supreme Court

Mary K. O’Brien***
-pro choice
-fight for working families
-death penalty reform
-fought to protect children from violent offenders and expand the statute of limitations for sexual assault against minors

Michael J. Burke
-public safety
-family man
-judicial independence

No Candidate

Judge of the Appellate Court

Sonni Choi Williams***
-providing free legal services to the vulnerable members of the community
-give back to the community
-extensive experience in bench and jury trials
-equal and fair access to justice

Liam Christopher Brennan
-presided over cases including narcotics, public corruption, weapons offenses,financial crimes, and murder

No Candidate

Judge of the Circuit Court
(To fill the vacancy of the Hon. Robert G. Kleeman)

Mia McPherson***
-working with law enforcement
-family law
-municipal and community law

No Candidate

No Candidate

Judge of the Circuit Court
(To fill the vacancy of the Hon. Dorothy French Mallen)

Jill Otte***
-teaching students legal principles
-Litigated approximately 100 bench trials including cases of wrongful death, personal injury, property damage, contracts and employee discipline
-Responsible for approximately 3,700 cases

Michael “Mike” W. Reidy
-practiced on both sides of the aisle in many fields of law.
-prosecuted challenging cases against individuals charged with crimes such as murder, child molestation, robbery and arson.
-civil litigator
-ran a family law practice

No Candidate