Voting Made Easy – Helpful Voter Guide Specific to YOU

ATDO has done the hard work for you – all you need to do is vote! If you are a registered democrat in Addison Township you should have received a handy two-sided “voter guide” specific to you. You can bring this guide into the voting booth when you vote. The picture in this post is just one version of the guide.

This election is extremely important, we in Illinois cannot take anything for granted. It is urgent that we get Mary Kay O’Brien elected to the Illinois Supreme Court, women’s reproductive rights are at stake. Every Democrat on the ballot is committed to smart spending and protecting voting rights, human rights, and our environment. Please don’t sit this one out. We need you to vote. Be sure to vote all the way down both sides of the ballot – the Judges are listed last, vote for: Mary Kay O’Brien, Sonni Choi Williams, Jill Otte, and Mia McPherson. Vote NO to retaining all judges with the exception of a YES vote for Judge Bonnie Wheaton

Jean Kaczmarek has invested in new voting machines that keep a paper copy of every vote and enables everyone to vote at any polling place in DuPage County. Voting has never been easier, and more accountable in DuPage county. Link to Polling places and sample ballot

VOTE on November 8th.

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